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This is where your puppy came from.

He is used to staying in wire.  He has access to the outside via a dog door.  He has an indoor potty pad in case of bad weather, darkness, etc.  He has a comfy bed, food and water. You can set up a similar environment with a 36 inch exercise pen, potty pads on the floor, a comfy bed, water and food.

I free choice feed and also offer 2 meals a day.  If you prefer to just meal feed, start with three times a day.

You could offer biljac for lunch and royal canin for breakfast and supper. Dogs like variety, dont you?

He can be confined in his pen and after going potty either on his pad or outside, he can be loose in the house for a while.  This is the start of housebreaking. you can leave his pen open for him to go in to eat, drink and potty.  Its a safe place to leave him if you need to go out.  They do enjoy a big stuffed animal that they can snuggle against especially if they are alone.

Puppies have to pee when they first wake up and poo before and after meals and throughout the day especially when they are free fed.  As he gets older he will develop a regular schedule and you can try to stay ahead of this routine and get him outside around that time.  Make sure he has gone potty before letting him back in.  If you didnt see him do it, he may be holding it until he can get back in the house, so be pateint.  Its just time consuming the first week or two.  If you come up with a potty word, use the word when you see him go, and then give quiet praise and a food treat, you will soon have him at least peeing on commmand.

Puppy image here Puppy image here

Remember that any potty pad on the floor is a toy. the first thing they do is try to destroy it!  cloth potty pads work better for me even if they do create a lot of laundry. 

Note puppy food and water in buckets secured to the wall wire.  Be sure to separate the food from the water to avoid a mess.

This is the dog door I use.  They know how to go through dog doors!

Puppy image here Puppy image here

Puppy image here Puppy image here

This is the food I am feeding.  Biljac is a tasty kibble that I leave out 24/7.

Royal Canin is a super high quality puppy food that they will eat and it is so complete, nothing else is really necesary but I do feed cooked meat mixed in with the kibble and moisten the kibble a little. They prefer a very small kibble.  The purina One small bites beef and rice formula is the favorite lower calorie food to feed if your puppy is getting too fat and when they become adults and need less calories.

The pork rinds are great dog treats,  get a low salt original flavor kind like they sell at Sams Club.  This big jar for less than $6!  I also feed real cooked meat for special training treats.

Feel free to contact me about any health or behavior problems and dont wait until you are so frustrated you are ready to give your puppy back.

I appreciate email  and messaging, sometimes its hard to answer phone calls.                  229-699-0290



Jun 7 2020 9:24 PM